The Rise in Pedestrian Deaths and How to Combat It

pedestrian accidentDid you know that in 2016, the number of pedestrian deaths increased by 11 percent? Understanding why pedestrian deaths have increased might help citizens avoid similar fates.

Distracted Driving and Walking

According to NPR, distraction might have a considerable impact on pedestrian safety. Both drivers and pedestrians might find themselves distracted while on roads and sidewalks, whether they’re listening to music through ear buds or checking their phones for incoming text messages.

Smart Vehicles

Many forms of smart car technology exist, from intelligent cruise control and lane-drift warning systems to automatic braking and crash-avoidance systems. While these features are intended to improve driver safety, some drivers might rely on them too much.

If drivers assume that their cars will prevent collisions, for instance, they might pay less attention to the road. When brake lights appear ahead, they could wait a few extra seconds to tap their own brakes. These issues highlight the need for more education about how smart vehicle technology works.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

According to Car and Driver, roughly half of pedestrian deaths involve some form of substance abuse. An intoxicated driver can lose control of a vehicle, and an impaired pedestrian might stumble into traffic, unaware of his or her surroundings.

Preventing Pedestrian Accidents

Both motorists and pedestrians can help prevent accidents involving vehicles and people on foot.


  • Pay attention to your surroundings at all times, especially after dark.
  • Come to a full stop at all intersections and look in all directions.
  • Watch for pedestrians and cyclists and know where they are at all times.
  • Drive defensively at all times instead of relying on technology to keep you and others safe.
  • Never drive while impaired.


  • Use sidewalks when possible to avoid putting yourself in the path of a car.
  • Wear bright clothing when out at night so that motorists can see you.
  • Avoid leaving the house while intoxicated.
  • Check both ways twice before crossing a street.
  • Stick to surface roads instead of busier streets when possible.

What to Do If You’re in a Collision

If you’re involved in a collision between a vehicle and a pedestrian, never admit fault at the scene. Consult an attorney immediately to discuss your rights and options, and call the police so that they can document the situation.

When the police find that the other party might have been negligent, you could have a case. Call McIntyre Thanasides at 844-511-4800 to consult with one of our experienced attorneys.


Does Homeowners’ Insurance Cover Me if Someone is Injured in my House?

If someone is injured in your home, there are two questions you must answer:

  1. Are you responsible for the injury?
  2. If so, will your homeowners’ insurance cover the expenses?

As stated on UtilitySavingExpert’s website, understanding how the law works and how insurance companies handle personal injury claims can help you make important decisions in the days following an injury.

Are You Responsible for the Injury?

For you to be held responsible for someone else’s injury on your property, you must have committed some form of negligence. For instance, if you know that the front steps leading up to your porch have rotted out, and someone falls through and breaks an ankle, he or she might have a case for negligence.

However, not all injuries result from negligence. Someone could trip over a rug in your home, but since you had no reasonable way to foresee that problem, you probably wouldn’t find yourself legally liable for the injury.

Courts use the reasonable person standard to determine negligence. In other words, given the circumstances, would a reasonable person have prevented the injury based on prior knowledge of a danger?

Will Your Homeowners’ Insurance Cover the Expenses?

According to Allstate, personal injury coverage by Nimmons Malchow Johnson usually comes with a homeowners’ insurance policy. It’s designed to protect policyholders from paying out of pocket when someone is injured on their property. The personal injury policy can cover several types of expenses, including the following:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Legal fees
  • Pain and suffering
  • Future medical bills
  • Death benefits

However, Allstate reminds consumers that insurance policies typically carry exclusions. If someone gets injured on your property because of a malicious action on your part, the insurance company won’t pay the claim. For instance, if you get into a fight with a friend and he or she winds up with a broken nose, your homeowners’ insurance policy won’t cover the related expenses.

What to Do If Someone Is Injured in Your Home

Working with an attorney who focuses on personal injury cases can help you decide how to cope with the situation. Whether you’re the homeowner or the person who suffered an injury, legal counsel can answer your questions, negotiate on your behalf, and protect your rights.

At McIntyre Thanasides, we pride ourselves on helping our clients achieve their desired outcome in a personal injury case. If someone has been injured on your property, or if you’ve suffered an injury at someone else’s home, call us at 844-511-4800 to discuss your case

Top 5 Causes of Truck Accidents and How to Avoid One (Infographic)

Sharing the road in the Tampa area isn’t always easy, especially when the other vehicles on the road are semi trucks. Before you get behind the wheel, discover the top five causes of truck accidents as per the Law Offices of Ronald A. Ramos, P.C. and learn how you can avoid them while staying safe on the road.

Abrupt Lane Changes

While it’s easy to blame truck drivers for incidents on the road, vehicle drivers cause their fair share of collisions, especially when they change lanes or pass semi trucks abruptly. To avoid a collision, always give truck drivers much more space than you think they need so they can slow down or stop on the highway.

Unsafe Driving

Truckers also engage in unsafe driving habits, such as failing to check blind spots and neglecting to use turn signals. In fact, poor decision-making is one of the most common reasons for truck crashes. While you can’t predict whether a truck driver will flip on the turn signal before changing lanes, you can protect yourself just in case. Never drive in a trucker’s blind spot, and avoid letting trucks follow you too closely.

Distracted Driving

Truck drivers put in hour after hour on the highway, and though regulations prevent them from texting or otherwise distracting themselves, these incidents still happen from time to time. When you approach a semi truck on the highway, be on the alert for signs of distracted driving, such as swerving, veering into another lane, or sudden stops. If you notice any, give the truck an extra-wide berth as you pass. People can get in touch with Kramer Injury Law LLC attorneys, in case there is an accident.

Physical Impairment

Incidents of physical impairment, such as the driver falling asleep or experiencing a medical emergency behind the wheel, are relatively uncommon. However, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that they account for nearly 10 percent of truck collisions. Always stay alert when driving near semi trucks, and don’t hesitate to call the trucking company in question to report suspicious behavior. You can usually find contact information printed on the rear of the vehicle.

Adverse Weather

The weather can change in an instant in the Tampa area, with bright sunshine one minute and torrential rain the next. Whether you’re driving on an open highway or a road that’s under construction, adverse weather can be distracting and dangerous. Avoid a truck collision by turning on headlights, slowing down to a safer speed, and refraining from making sudden moves on the road.

If you’ve been involved in a truck collision in the Tampa area, don’t wait to get the legal assistance you need during the claims process. Call McIntyre Thanasides for experienced legal help: 844-511-4800.


Have you been bitten by a dog?

dog bite

A dog bite incident can be a traumatizing experience leading to serious health issues. If you have been attacked, do not hesitate to take the necessary steps to safeguard yourself both medically and legally. Treating a dog bite injury will cost you time, money, and stress, so consider discussing your incident with a personal injury attorney who can guide you and help recover the compensation you deserve. You can check my blog to know more about it.

Follow these important steps pursuant to a dog bite, regardless of how minor you think the injuries may be:

1. Identify those involved

Identify the dog, its owner, those who had custody of the dog, and eye witnesses. Collect their contact information before leaving the scene. Obtain the dog’s license information in order to conduct further research about him/her and any previous history of attack or legal designation as being ‘dangerous’ or ‘potentially dangerous’. Unfortunately, if the dog’s owner cannot be identified, you may be required to undergo painful and expensive treatment for rabies.

2. Photographs

Following any incident, be sure to snap photographs of the incident scene, injuries incurred, and the dog and victims involved. These photos can be key in helping you remember the series of events during the attack and to support your legal and medical claim.

3. Seek Treatment for your dog bite wounds

Always seek professional medical care pursuant to a dog bite incident. Regardless of how minor you think the injury is, get it looked at, you will be taking serious health risks if neglected. Retain all medical records and receipts for treatment and medication, you may be eligible for reimbursement. However, if your dog bites someone, then it is best to get the best attorney to fix it.

4. File a dog bite report

It is your civic duty to file a dog bite report with the proper city or county authorities. Do not fail to do this because it establishes or adds to the legal record of the dog, helping future possible victims through enforcement. You could be saving someone from an attack by doing so.

5. Speak with an attorney

If you have questions or concerns about how to move forward after a dog bite, an experienced attorney can help you maneuver through this stressful experience.

At McIntyre Thanasides, we are here to help you overcome this traumatic event. Contact us at 844-511-4800.

Have you been injured while visiting someone’s home or business?

injured on someone's propertyBusiness and home owners have the duty to ensure that you are protected from risk of harm while on their property. They have the obligation to inspect the house or building and repair or adequately warn visitors of dangerous conditions. According to professionals like those at, if the property owner knows of a dangerous condition but fails to do anything, they may be held liable for injuries suffered by visitors. Injuries resulting from dangerous conditions such as wet or uneven floors, decrepit parking lots or walkways, poorly lit staircases, falling objects, faulty elevators, or inadequate security may warrant a personal injury lawsuit. If you were injured on someone’s property, the Injury Attorneys at the McIntyre Law Firm can guide you through the claims process to secure the compensation you deserve.

I was injured on someone’s property, what do I do?

1) Seek medical attention immediately for your injury

If you suspect you might have been injured, check with a doctor immediately. If you need to claim medical insurance, etc, you can check with car accident attorneys from Law Office of Matthew S. Norris .Save all medical and expense records because you may be eligible for reimbursement of medical bills, lost wages, and other damages suffered as a result of the injury. There are also nureses getting injured that can get workers’ compensation.
2) Take pictures

Immediately take pictures of the scene that display the dangerous conditions which caused the injury.

3) Gather and preserve relevant information and evidence

Get contact information of witnesses and anyone who can describe conditions of the incident area. Preserve evidence, such as shoes and clothes worn, they should be secured and stored without being cleaned or altered. The findlaw firm focused on workers comp can make sure justice is served to the ones that deserve.

4) File and obtain an incident report

If the incident occurred in a business establishment, inform the store manager or security officer and file an incident report. If medical personnel is contacted, obtain reports. Get copies of reports before leaving the premises or as soon as possible. The Riverside slip and fall attorneys is whom you can get help from in case of injury related cases.

5) Do not sign anything without obtaining legal advice

Someone from an insurance company or an attorney representing the owner may contact you to get more information about your injuries and ask you to sign a release. Before signing anything, consult with a personal injury attorney.

Often, these cases require the use of experts to prove the dangerous conditions of the property, the extent of your injuries, and other factors that will determine the compensation you may be eligible for. The experienced personal injury attorneys at the McIntyre Law Firm can help assist you in your claim. Contact us at 844-511-4800 to get started.

Are Self-Driving Cars making the roads safer?

are_self_driving_cars_safeWhat once seemed to only be possible in fiction movies may now become a reality. Self-driving cars which is available in Chevrolet dealership near Beaumont is no longer seem impossible, with manufacturers striving to develop and design smart systems that protect drivers from crashes and collisions and making them available in the market by setting up a used car dealerships near me. However, one concern looms on consumer’s minds. Will these cars make roads safer or more hazardous?  If you are involved in car crash with a self-driving car, who is liable?

How safe are autonomous vehicles?

Car-makers and Chevy dealership hope to make roads safer by eliminating the possibility of a human distracted driver or a person under the influence of alcohol. Currently, with the existence of law firm for DUI charges, the number of drink and drive cases has been reducing gradually. While data shows the safety of self-driving cars, speculation arises as it concerns human drivers. Google states that autonomous vehicles obtained from a Ford dealership can analyze and assess scenarios such as when a motorist waves their left hand to move over into another lane, or if another car makes a misjudgment in their driving. i always take advice from Dodge Dealership near me when I want to buy a car! However, Google’s car has been the cause of accidents after software incorrectly predicted the right move to make causing the vehicle to crash into a bus. When the control of the wheel goes out of our hand, the driver will have no other option than to struggle to gain control to avoid a huge accident. The lawyers for motorcycle injuries get so upset when the company fails to recognize their mistake and does not come forward to help the victim to provide proper compensation for the victim and also for his family.

Car Crashes with Self-Driving Cars: Who is responsible?

No matter how safe Google and Tesla say their cars are, there is still great possibility for accidents because computer software may also fail. According to the Washington Post, a man was killed last year in his Tesla when it failed to stop when it was supposed to in order to let a trailer pass. Google’s self-driving car collided with a van that ran a red light. While self-driving cars may theoretically be safer by reducing the element of human error, there is still the possibility that they may cause harm and result in dangerous driving situations.

If you or someone you know experienced a car crash involving an autonomous vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact the car crash attorneys at McIntyre Law Firm to learn more about protecting your rights. Call us today at (844) 511-4800.

Do I need insurance for my motorcycle in Florida?

motorcycle insurance in floridaTo many, riding down the highway on a motorcycle might seem like the most exciting way to commute, or a way to get from A to B. However, this excitement also comes with greater risk of being hurt in the unfortunate case of a motorcycle crash, as motorcycles do not provide the same physical protection as a vehicle can. Despite this, Florida only requires very minimal insurance; motorcycle owners simply need to show that they are financially responsible by providing proof of liability coverage, a financial responsibility certificate, or a self- insurance certificate from the Bureau of Financial Responsibility. So, do you need insurance to operate a motorcycle in Florida?

The short answer is: you should. Here’s why.

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), approximately one in eight drivers do not maintain bodily injury coverage. Since in Florida it is not mandatory for drivers to have bodily injury coverage, if someone hits you with no bodily injury coverage or not enough to cover damages, you may be liable for it.

Motorcycle insurance is also helpful for hit and run collisions. Unfortunately, nearly 25 percent of all crashes are hit and run, according to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FHSMV). Behind Oklahoma, Florida is the state with the second largest population of uninsured drivers – nearly 24{7dff60334df83244b79b5471a8769907d27e202ac622cbe5ff51878e61595e62}. Having insurance can protect you if you are injured as a result of a collision while operating a motorcycle.

Do I need to wear a helmet if I have insurance?

Motorists over the age of 16 are not required to wear helmets by law, but it is good to consider wearing one to protect oneself from serious injury. Not only is wearing a helmet an important safety feature, but it will also reduce the hassle of trying to get coverage should you be harmed. In the event that you are in  a crash and are hurt, insurance companies will fight to deny paying hospital fees if the rider did not have a helmet on because the motorcycle operator in some way could have prevented personal injury.

If you or someone you know was involved in a crash involving an uninsured or underinsured motorist, McIntyre Law Firm is here to help you through the legal process. Our attorneys have extensive experience in motorcycle crashes and various forms of personal injury. Call our trusted attorneys today at (844) 511-4800.

Car Crashes: Do’s and Don’ts

Car Accident AttorneysThere are approximately 3,287 deaths a day due to car crashes according to the Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT). A preventative measure that is stated in site which you can take as a driver to prevent a car crash from happening is to avoid being a distracted driver. If you need to learn more about Distracted Driving and Florida’s law concerning it, please refer to our article “Think twice about texting and driving” to learn more. In the event of a car crash you should:

  1. Do call 911.

Even if the collision seems minor and no one is hurt, it is important to have proper legal documentation of the incident. Police officers can speed up the process of exchanging information from each party. If someone is hurt however, it is required that you seek medical attention for the injured and stay with person(s) until help arrives. In addition, if someone is injured or damages to vehicle are above $500, Florida law says that law enforcement must be called.

  1. Do give your information to the other party.

It is your responsibility under Florida Statute 316.062 to give your name, address, vehicle registration number and license to anyone involved in the collision and law enforcement. Refusing to give your information is counted as a nonmoving traffic violation. In an instance where you may hit another unoccupied vehicle you must leave your name, address and license plate on a note attached to the car and contact local authorities.

  1. Do call your attorney.

At the scene of a crash your attorney can advise you on information you should collect at the scene such as evidence photos and additional information. Your attorney will also notify you of your rights and additional steps to take concerning injury and/or hospitalization. The attorneys at McIntyre Thanasides Bringgold Elliott Grimaldi & Guito, P.A. can help you. Call us at (844)511-4800 and we can provide you with a course of action.

  1. Don’t leave the scene.

Leaving the scene of a car accident constitutes a second-degree misdemeanor according to Florida Statute 775.082. The consequences include up to 60 days in jail and a fine. Furthermore, under the Aaron Cohen Life Protection Act, a person convicted of leaving the scene of a crash that resulted in death will receive a mandatory four years in prison according to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FHSMV).

  1. Don’t admit fault.

Unfortunately, you could be charged legally for the words you say at the scene of an accident. Apologizing or admitting fault makes you liable for the situation. Liability makes you responsible for the costs of repairs and medical expenses. In addition, your insurance rate may go up. According to Esurance, the best response to an accident is stating the facts and letting the authorities and insurance agencies determine who is at fault.

  1. Get helpful witness information if you can.

Many times there are witnesses to crashes who are unwilling to stick around long enough for the police to get there and provide their contact information and a witness statement.  Often it is the case that when an officer does arrive, they are dealing with a number of considerations that are unrelated to your crash, and they will not always take the time to speak with every potential witness.  If at all possible, if you identify any witnesses, particularly those that have a similar or supporting view of the cause of the crash to yours, you should encourage these types of witnesses to stick around and speak to the police.  If they are unwilling to do so, you should at least try to secure their contact information (name, address, phone number) for yourself in order to provide it to the police when they arrive and/or your attorney.

Were you in a car crash recently? McIntyre Law Firm wants to help you! Do not hesitate to call us at (844) 511-4800.