Is Possession of Drugs a Felony in Florida? November 2, 2017


If you’re caught with controlled substances in Florida, you could face felony charges. Florida allows the court to pursue simple drug possession charges as felonies. A felony carries significantly more weight than a misdemeanor, and in addition to greater penalties with regard to jail time and fines, you could also lose the ability to legally own a firearm and other rights…

Hiring a Commercial Real Estate Attorney is a Valuable and Cost-Effective Investment October 30, 2017

The sale or purchase of a commercial property is one of the most significant and complicated financial deals that a person undertakes. However, many people choose to take their chances and not engage an experienced and knowledgeable commercial real estate attorney. Among other things, a commercial real estate attorney will: Review complex purchase and sale agreements, closing documents and other…

Top 5 Things to Know When Getting Arrested October 14, 2017

  If you’re arrested for any crime, there are several things you need to know to protect yourself. Understand Your Rights Though not necessarily required in every case, Police officers may at some point read you your rights prior to or upon arrest. Your rights include remaining silent, so exercise that right until you can speak to an attorney. As…

The 10 Days After a DUI arrest September 30, 2017


Nobody wants to get arrested for a DUI, but when it happens, you need preparation and a strategy. In the 10 days after a DUI arrest, you might feel confused and scared, but you can do several things to make the process easier and less stressful. Get a Lawyer As soon as you’re able, hire a DUI lawyer to take your case….

Tampa Bay Times: Widow’s attorney complains of delays in ‘stand your ground’ theater shooting case September 7, 2017


Attorney and partner TJ Grimaldi of McIntyre Thanasides was featured in the Tampa Bay Times’ latest news story regarding updates to the highly controversial Curtis Reeves’ Stand Your Ground case.     T.J. Grimaldi, who represents Nicole Oulson, was reacting to a suggestion that Reeves might qualify for another chance at a self-defense claim under Florida’s retooled “stand your ground”…